What do you wish for your kid? That they like to study? That they work and be successful?

Travel and know the world? Respect life?


What do we do?

Corujando has a single purpose: to develop your children's potential with our tools. In our team we have pediatricians and neuroscientists that will teach you, very simply, how to stimulate your children from early on. All this without complicated scientific language, and without taking much of your time. Efficiently, quickly and didactically, Corujando comes to help you advance your next generation.


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We want children (and parents) happy and well taken care of. Simple, right?



Several researches around the world prove the benefits of early childhood (0-6 years old) stimulation.


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Além das mensagens que você recebe diariamente, ainda temos um espaço para artigos e notícias. Tudo o que tiver de novidade, o que você não sabe como (ou o que) fazer, a gente te ajuda. Quais vacinas dar? Como entreter seu filho nas férias? Falaremos sobre tudo isso e o que mais você quiser saber.